5 Top tips for choosing your wedding venue


If your Christmas has involved diamonds and you’re beginning to plan your perfect day, then congratulations!  It’s a really special time and here at Dine there’s nothing we love more than planning a great wedding and helping our clients find the perfect wedding venue for them.

We know that as well as it being extremely exciting, things can feel a bit daunting at first; trying to fathom guest numbers, church or civil ceremony, which venue, budgets and so on.  All the couples we meet say virtually the same thing – where do we start?!

The first step in planning a wedding is to find your wedding venue- but what should you be looking for? What makes the perfect wedding venue?


We asked our Head of Events, Craig for some advice and here are some pearls of wisdom from his years of experience.  We hope you find them helpful! Over to Craig…

5 top tips for choosing a wedding venue

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Howsham Hall, Malton


1.Think about weddings you have attended as a guest

One of the first questions I ask my wedding couples is, have you attended any weddings as a guest? If so, what were the best and worst bits? This will give you a great idea of what things are important to you for your own wedding day. For example, some Brides can’t bear the thought of bumping into another Bride on their big day – in which case, take a look at our page of wedding venues, all of which offer exclusivity. For others, it might be the food that’s important.

The Mansion, Leeds

2. What’s your Wedding budget?

It’s the dreaded question, but it’s vital. Having a rough idea of what you want to spend will enable you to focus on the venues that are within budget.  Think seriously about just how much money you want to spend; if the venue that you have your heart set on seems like it may be over-budget, ask if there are any special offers if you are able to look at an off-peak date such as November or January? Mid-week dates are can also be cheaper in some cases.

Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool Wedding_Rock n Roll Bride
Sefton Park Palm House Wedding, Liverpool |

3. Wedding venues with accommodation

Wedding venues with accommodation are incredibly popular, as it makes things so much easier for you and your guests to be all on one site. And it also creates a great ‘house party’ atmosphere! However this does come at a cost, so don’t rule out city venues such at The Mansion or Sefton Park Palm House– with a whole range of accommodation near by these can offer a great solution.


4. How many wedding guests?

You won’t know exact numbers of guests at this stage, but having a rough idea can be really helpful. Is it 50, 100 or 200? If you have a number in mind, you can search for venues that can accommodate your wedding party.

Rise Hall, Beverley

5. What’s your wedding style?

You’ll have an idea of what sort of wedding you would like- country or city? Traditional or modern? Do you want outdoor space? Perhaps a marquee site? You may also have particular requirements in terms of accessibility or religious needs. These can help to narrow down your wedding venue choices.

With all of this though, My main advice would be: trust your instinct! When you go to view your potential wedding venue you will know whether is feels right for you. For all the box-ticking, when it comes down to it, when I see the smiles on my couples faces, I know we’ve found the right venue for them.


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