Before Dine was created, our team were scattered across the UK, busy working in high-end restaurants, hotels and event companies.

Michael Gill, Dine’s Chairman, ran a Michelin-starred restaurant for 40 years and was often asked to provide "outside" catering. As we all know, "outside catering" often means "inside" - offices, marquees, homes - but more importantly, it means freedom, a freedom to create something special and tailored exactly to the needs of our clients. So Dine was born in 1998.

We celebrate 21 years this year. "Outside" is where we started and it is still a big part of us. We are also now managing a suite of our own beautiful venues, such as The Mansion, Howsham Hall and Rise Hall, but working "inside" now comes with a freedom we have come to call the "Dine Difference".  It's our style of creative thinking, coupled with an attention to detail, which makes us unique and allows us to make our events exceptional. Our clients are free to conjure their own vision whilst our innovative products, services, expertise and tools can make it a reality.