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20 April 2016

Working at Dine - why we love it...

In addition to being situated in the beautiful Mansion, in Roundhay Park, there are many other reasons why we love working at Dine.

The Dine team at The Mansion

We have the privilege to be involved in some of the most significant occasions in people’s lives. Not something that we take for granted. “Making every event special…” is our mission statement and it is clear that with the meticulous planning and rehearsals before every event, this is taken seriously by the Dine team.

The culture at Dine is simple – work hard, always make sure you look presentable and look after each other. Dan (Founder) and Matt (MD) certainly lead by example.

Asking people in the company to contribute to this article was easy – everyone who works at Dine is clearly passionate about the brand, service, food and reputation of the business.

When I asked the team why they loved working at Dine, this is what they said;

  • “I chose to join Dine because of their reputation and quality. Three years later I’m glad I made that decision.”
  • “Great location, with the Park on our door step. Fun group of people to work with that are not just my colleagues but my friends. I’ve never worked anywhere that has felt as much as a team as Dine.”
  • “Everyone is made to feel important and valued”
  • “Our product is incredible! I love the food, slick service and the theatre of the events. Our events team are like swans – they make it all look so easy! Everyone who works for Dine is lovely – it’s like there was an ‘are you a nice person’ tick box on the application form.”
  • “Every day is action packed and you get to take on new challenges which ultimately make people happy!”

It is safe to say that we all love coming to work. If you look around our office, you will see a lot of sometimes tired but very happy faces.

There are a few ways you could become part of our team

Mark Dawson, our Executive Head Chef, leads an initiative to bring apprentices into the business. After the great success of our first apprentice, Phil Parish last year, we have recently recruited a new apprentice chef John Roberts.

This is a great opportunity for any budding chef to develop their talent within a very skilled team. Our chefs are full of innovative ideas and have an unbridled passion for producing an extraordinary standard of food, providing a superb environment for a young chef to learn new skills.

Dine Trio of Desserts

If you would like to learn more about what we do here at Dine for an event you are planning, or if you want to find out about other career opportunities, then email us at events@dine.co.uk or call us on 0345 450 4545.