How to manage wedding planning stress

Your wedding day is something you’ve probably been dreaming about for a long time- for many of us, we practiced ‘getting married’ as kids, using mums shoes for dressing up! (Sorry Mum!) So when it comes to planning your actual wedding day, emotions and expectations can be high! Here’s our 5 top tips for managing wedding planning stress:

1) Set out your priorities

Most of the stress in planning your wedding is taken up with the finer details, so cut your stress levels by working out which areas are most important to you. It may be that you really want a live band but aren’t too bothered about coloured tablecloths; or you really want to write your own vows but think  after-dinner speeches are cringe. Focus on those areas that are most important to you and your spouse-to-be, and try not to get side-tracked by some article or lovely picture you saw online- you already decided it wasn’t important.

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2) Have a plan B

We’ve said it before here and elsewhere, ALL your suppliers should have a plan B, whether that’s for bad weather, illness, or some other bump in the road. That way you know things will run smoothly whatever happens. Good suppliers will be able to take small hiccups in their stride and you might never notice something didn’t go quite according to plan A! In the same vein, wedding insurance is a must. Most weddings are booked 2 years in advance- things can and do happen in that time that you can’t plan for, and wedding insurance will help if something major happens along the way.

3) Take time out

Wedding planning can be all-consuming, so make sure you take some time off regularly for a bit of self care or a date night. Enjoy time as a couple, just the two of you, enjoying your hobbies or just relaxing together. Make sure you spend time with friends and family, doing something other than wedding planning. It all really helps keep things in perspective.

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4) Communicate

You really don’t need a million questions from guests in the days before your wedding, so make sure you give them all the details they’ll need well in advance. A wedding website is a great way to tell people times, dress codes, location, accommodation and all the things they need to know. Try Say I Do   for stylish, easy to create wedding websites.

5) Comparison is the thief of joy

Checking out ideas on social media, pinterest or wedding planning apps, and setting up a mood board is great, you can get loads of inspiration for your big day- but don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s. Whether that’s the glamorous couple on Insta or your best friend, making comparisons is a sure fire way to end up miserable. Your wedding should be unique to you! Go for what makes your heart sing, and enjoy your wedding your way.