6 tips for planning a sustainable wedding

Your wedding day is the greatest day of your life, but it can easily also be the most wasteful! What with invitations, wedding florals, confetti and much more, your wedding can have a real environmental impact. If you are ecologically aware, you can reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint by planning a sustainable wedding. Here’s some ideas for creating your personalised green wedding!

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Use antique jewellery

Avoid conflict diamonds and go truly sustainable by using antique or vintage jewellery. You might have a family heirloom that is just the thing, or you might go to a jeweller specialising in antique jewellery. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, many jewellery designers can adapt antique pieces to create a unique item that is also eco-friendly. Try Liri Bespoke Jewellery or Sue Lane Jewellery


Send sustainable wedding invitations

Whist traditional wedding invitations are on heavy gilt edged card, there are lots of ways to make your wedding invitations sustainable. You could opt for recycled paper invitations or wedding invites that use alternative materials, such as leather, metal or glass. You could even have invitations printed on seed paper, which your guests can plant and grow into flowers! We love these from Poppy & Thistle

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Opt for sustainable wedding florals

Wedding flowers are a key part of most couples’ vision for their big day, and there’s no need to compromise if you want to make your wedding more environmentally friendly. There are lots of ways to choose sustainable wedding flowers- from making sure they are local and seasonal, to choosing dried arrangements which can be reused. There’s lots more on our blog sustainable wedding florals– check it out!

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Choose a picturesque wedding venue

You can reduce the need to bring in decorations by choosing a wedding venue with scenic backdrops and historical details that fit in with your wedding’s theme. For example, Sefton Park Palm House has a glorious lush and tropical vibe which doesn’t need a lot of décor to look incredible in your wedding photography. Or choose Howsham Hall’s quirky historic setting for a ready-made funky backdrop.

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Rent your outfits

Wedding dress hire has been a rising trend for the last few years, and there are now lots of different options available to suit all budgets. You could get your dream wedding dress for a fraction of the cost of buying, and be eco-friendly into the bargain! Many local boutiques will offer rental and can arrange fitting too. Online our favourite is Something Borrowed . For wedding guest outfits, try hirestreet or Hurr

Don’t throw confetti

Confetti has been a key part of weddings for centuries, but its days may be drawing to a close. Environmentally unsound, and a nuisance to clear away, many wedding venues are now banning confetti altogether.

There are lots of alternatives: petal confetti is fully biodegradable, or try a sparkler photograph or coloured smoke bomb photograph instead. If you are going for a boho wedding vibe, then wedding ribbon wands create a wonderful effect and are very cost effective. You can even have them in colours to compliment your wedding colour scheme!


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