The pros and cons of a mid-week wedding

You may be surprised to know that, just like fashions, there are trends in weddings too! A recent trend has been the increase in weddings planned for during the week. In fact, mid-week weddings are now very popular, with half of couples considering a mid-week wedding. There are lots of benefits to this- but also some downsides. Here’s we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of a mid-week wedding!

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Pros of having a mid-week wedding

Cost savings

Probably the main reason couples consider a mid-week wedding is cost. Many wedding suppliers offer lower rates for mid-week weddings compared to weekends, and this is simply down to demand; the more popular dates will be priced higher than less popular dates.

A mid-week wedding at Rise Hall, or Howsham Hall for example, starts at just £3,000 + VAT for 30 guests- a huge difference compared to a Saturday wedding!

More choice

With just 4 weekends a month, popular wedding venues and suppliers will quickly get booked up, especially during the summer months. Choosing a mid-week wedding means your preferred suppliers are more likely to be available.

Dine Venues | Howsham Hall | Luxury weddings in Yorkshire

Intimate weddings

Many couples opt for a mid-week wedding because they want a smaller, intimate celebration rather than a larger party. A mid-week celebration works well for this, as many venues and suppliers have lower minimum numbers for mid-week weddings.

Honeymoon costs

Possibly one you haven’t thought of- if you are heading off on your honeymoon straight after the wedding, then planning for a mid-week flight will be cheaper than flying at the weekend.

Dine Venues | Howsham Hall | Luxury weddings in Yorkshire

Cons of having a mid-week wedding

Inconvenient for your guests

The biggest single drawback of mid-week weddings is that it can be inconvenient for your guests. Attending a mid-week wedding can mean booking time off work. For guests who need to travel this can add up to quite a few days off work to attend your wedding.

Fewer RSVPs

Because of the inconvenience factor above, mid-week weddings tend to have lower attendance rates than weekend weddings. Some of your guests may be unable or unwilling to take time off work or school to attend your wedding. It can be a big ask of your guests, so bear that in mind when making your decision if there are people you really want to be there.


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