11 October 2019

Luke & Emma's wedding at Howsham Hall

Luke expressed how pleased he was that Emma and himself chose Howsham Hall as their wedding venue

It’s just amazing. It really is lovely, a great venue.

I wanted to bring my family up from Ireland and our friends work in London so we wanted to have a place where everybody could stay. Howsham had the right number of rooms, which really helped us. It’s an easy location to get to so it was very convenient.

The proposal

We got engaged at 1’o clock on New Years Eve 2018 in Edinburgh, Carlton Hill. I rented Nelson monument and managed to put a Scottish piper on the monument – he started piping and we walked up the top. I was delighted that she said yes of course. We had the celebration in Edinburgh that evening.

It was funny because she was complaining that I was walking slowly, but I was waiting to see if the piper had got to the roof of the monument before I walked up with her.

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When did everyone arrive?

We had 28 people for dinner on the Friday evening, family and a few friends and the majority of those were staying over on the Friday evening. Drinks at 7 o’clock, and dinner at 8. On the Saturday morning we had breakfast downstairs, the bridal suite had their breakfast separately in the bridal suite. The wedding itself was at 1 o’clock.

The Food

The food was really good. We had a salmon starter, chicken main and a rich chocolate pudding. Service was great and the dishes were delicious. The quality of the food was very good. It was well done both in terms of food quality and the pace of which it was delivered.

The cake

We bought a cake at the local cake house in Beverley called The Cake Room. It was quite simple, not overly done. 3 tiers, 3 different sponges – lemon, vanilla and chocolate. With lots of flowers for decoration.


Directly after the ceremony we had a guy called Steven Heath, he was very good and played all sorts of trendy songs on an acoustic guitar.

In the evening we had 2 bands, a rock band called The Severs who brought up from London and an Irish duo from York (Paul Young). The Irish music was good to balance up the rock music and an acknowledgement of my background. They went down really well.

Steven Heath 


First dance

Our first dance was to a song named ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries. We had practised the dance and taken about 6 lessons. We wouldn’t have been the best dancers so we thought we’d rehearse it. We did about 3 and a half minutes and didn’t make a mistake! So the lessons definitely helped.

What was the most memorable part of your day?

Seeing Emma coming down the aisle was amazing, she looked very beautiful. The first dance, we quite enjoyed that, but we were relieved when it was done so we could relax for the rest of the evening. Also the music in the evening was certainly enjoyed!

Was there anything you would have done differently if given the chance?

There was one thing, we would’ve liked to have stayed over for an extra day. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed Howsham Hall, it was absolutely fantastic so if we’d had that option to stay the Thursday or the Sunday we would take it.

Certainly going forward, we would like to keep in touch with Howsham Hall and try and understand how do we go about thinking about celebrating anniversaries. A positive about the venue is that it’s a hall and it’s not a commercial hotel. Any events that are going on at Howsham Hall, we would love the opportunity to come and stay again at some point, maybe for a special birthday.


We went to Marmaris in Turkey and then down to Dalman to go swimming with the turtles. It was really lovely.

Would you recommend Dine to friends and family?

Absolutely. No hesitation at all in recommending. I think Craig and the staff did an excellent job, what we liked about them a lot was that we knew it was all under control, but it wasn’t in your face. Things were managed really well in the background, and that’s a really good, you don’t always notice that he’s there but he’s absolutely taking care of everything. No hesitation at all in recommending.

Dine was excellent in terms of taking us through the preparations and then in each of the weeks beforehand as we were getting closer we would just be in touch and say “what do we need to do?” or “what about this?” it was good to have somebody there that we could throw ideas around with.

We really appreciate everything everybody did.

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