31 October 2015

Dine Celebrates British Sausage Week!

Our national love of sausages is growing as we now have a whole week (2nd – 8th November 2015) to celebrate this marvellous and versatile creation!  The Garden Room will feature a sausage based special of the day throughout next week, so if you’re a fan and looking to be inspired, keep an eye on our menu.

Sausage 2

Sausages have been around for over 5,000 years, and there are now around 470 different flavours available in the UK alone, which is a good job given that as a nation we eat approximately 250,000 tonnes of them each year.  From the classic banger to more specialised gourmet sausages, they are versatile and loved by (nearly!) all – and if they’re good enough for Kate Winslet to serve at her Wedding Breakfast, that’s enough for us!