28 October 2014

Amy & Nick’s Nostell Priory Wedding

Amy and Nick chose a romantic colour palette and added plenty of personal details to their beautiful wedding day at Dine’s Nostell Priory.

With images by Peter Boyd Photography.

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Amy says: Nick was working in Singapore on a secondment 18months ago, so I went to visit him during my Easter holiday. We went on a two week holiday to Vietnam which Nick had planned. We got to Halong Bay and boarded our ‘Junk’ boat for a 3 day trip around the Bay. On the last day, Nick arranged for us to go kayaking alone round the bay. We set off and after 5 minutes we turned a corner of a little island, to discover a tiny, secluded, private beach, on which Nick had set up a table and chairs, roses and a bottle of champagne.

Nick proposed and I said yes. After getting over the initial shock, I got back in the kayak and Nick pushed us off the beach to head back to the boat. At this point, Nick lost his balance, tipped the kayak over and tipped me, himself, all our belongings and my new ring into the South China Sea.

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We looked at numerous places when selecting our venue. Each place had its own merits and disadvantages, but having seen Nostell Priory first, nothing else we saw came close to it. The church was so close to the venue, the grounds and setting were perfect and the venue had everything we needed for what we had in mind for the wedding.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the venue to another couple. For a wedding the size of ours (approx. 100 people), Nostell Priory was the perfect size, with a good size bar area, private outside area for reception drinks and a large main room for the meal and evening do.

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As Nick and I met through music, and I’m now a music teacher, our theme was ‘Music’. We thought about various ways to interpret this, but settled on a ‘classical’ theme, with lots of the details at the wedding bringing in classical music influences. For example, the table names were Italian musical terms and every part of the wedding had some kind of live music going on.

The colours for the wedding were light, dusty pink and cream. We chose this as the pink suited me and my bridesmaids and the cream complimented the décor in Nostell.

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I decided on a very romantic dress, with a plunging sweetheart neckline and huge train, from Hoops-a-Daisy in Wakefield. I chose it because I had already tried on 100 dresses and was waiting for ‘the one’ moment. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the perfect dress for me.

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The bridesmaids all wore matching pink, floor-length, Grecian dresses. The groomsmen all wore dark grey suits from Moss Bross, with light grey ties and pink socks. Nick wore the same suit, but with a pink tie, to tie in with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

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Our photographer was from Peter Boyd Photography. We met them initially at the Brides Up North wedding fair at Nostell Priory. We instantly got a great feeling from Pete and Kelly and having seen a number of their previous weddings’ albums, had every confidence they were the right choice. They also offered the ‘photo-booth’, which was great fun and Kelly and Pete’s ability to coordinate the wedding party for the group shots was incredibly impressive.

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The flowers were provided by ‘Flowers by Anderson’, a supplier who again, we met at the Brides Up North Wedding Fair. The flowers were really impressive and having given Sarah a brief outline of what we wanted, she matched the flowers perfectly to the colour scheme and feel of the wedding. I had a large bouquet of avalanche roses, spray roses, and lots of greenery.

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We had a food tasting included in our catering package, so had an afternoon at The Mansion, to try a few options for our meal. We chose a couple of canapés, starters, mains and desserts to try. As we tried each course we feedback our choices and any comments to Craig at Dine. We were really impressed with the quality of the food, and particularly with the amount of choice and options we had to customise aspects of the meal to our taste. Dine were able to advise given the amount of experience they had, and were equally receptive to our requests.

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Most of the special touches we had, came from things we made ourselves. We made our own table plan, provided ‘wedding advice slips’ for our guests to complete and made a wedding card box out of an old guitar we had. On the table, we had place names which were miniature music stands we made ourselves from balsa wood. Our wedding favours were homemade bathbombs.

As well as these bits, we also had some surprises through the night. A couple of our friends sang and played our first dance song for us, which was really special and Nick had secretly learnt to ballroom dance to our first dance song, as a surprise to me and the guests! Whilst the soul band were having their break, my dad, his friends and Nick, also got up on stage and had a jam to a few songs.

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Our whole experience with Dine throughout the planning and execution of our wedding was exceptional. The whole team showed their upmost professionalism throughout and we trusted them at each stage to support us and guide us through what could have been a very daunting experience. They were able to accommodate our specific needs where we had them and ensured every aspect of the day for us and for our guests was perfect.

Our Dine Event Manager (Craig) did exactly what we needed throughout the planning and on the day. Nick and I were able to just completely relax and trust that everything was in hand with Craig. He made the whole event go seamlessly and there wasn’t a single concern, complaint or issue throughout the whole thing. The ability of Dine to cater for some many people, to such a high quality is a credit to the company and Craig. He always made sure we were happy with how the day was going and gave us 100% confidence that our guests would be as happy and relaxed as we were.

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My favourite part of the day was in church, seeing all our friends and family there to celebrate with us. Everyone was so happy, and I just remember the complete feeling of elation as I walked down the aisle.

Nick’s favourite part of the day the dance off between the bride and bridal party and the groom and groomsmen. Everyone threw themselves into it and had a great time. So much fun.

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As I play in a 16-piece soul band, they were the obvious choice for the entertainment – and I even got my saxophone to play with them at various points throughout the night. We also had a colleague of mine playing background jazz during the meal, a student of mine to play harp during the reception and Nick had a jam on the drums with my Dad’s rock band.

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We went to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks for our honeymoon. Neither of us like to stay in the same place for too long, so we planned a whistle stop tour of Sri Lanka, with beaches, Safaris, Elephants, Hiking, Tea Picking, Relaxing, Temples and eating. A real mix, but a really exciting couple of weeks.

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Our top tip would be to add personal, homemade touches where ever possible. It can be a lot of effort, but all the little finishing touches we added were the really memorable parts. Also, remember to keep perspective during the planning and on the run-up and remember why you’re there in the first place. What seem like massive issues during the planning will go unnoticed by 99% of you wedding party – they’re all there to have a good time, so take other people’s opinions with a pinch of salt and do what feels right for the two of you

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