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5 reasons you need to have canapés at your wedding

We’ve seen this question from our wedding couples a few times recently- do I need to have canapés at my wedding reception? And our answer is always a resounding YES! Not just because we love canapés- there’s something about them being mini that makes them special- but because they play a vital role in your wedding day! Here’s 5 reasons you should have canapés at your wedding

5 reasons you should have canapés at your wedding

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1) It helps to fill the downtime

Inevitably, once your wedding ceremony is over there is a period of downtime for your guests whilst you are having your photos taken. It’s this bit where wedding guests can feel a bit flat, wonder what they are expected to do, and wonder what the next part of the day involves. Canapés give the period more structure and make it feel more planned. It also helps move the day on from one activity to another.

2) Canapés keep your guests going

For many guests, they will have been up early in the morning to get ready for the wedding and possibly travelling a fair distance too. By the time you are married breakfast can feel an awfully long time ago! Canapés are really welcome, especially if you are getting married in the afternoon. Which also leads us on to:

3) Canapés keep your guests from getting tipsy

So the vows are done, the couple are married, and the guests reach for the bubbly. Combine this with the long hours since breakfast and you could very easily have some pretty tipsy guests before you reach the speeches. Nobody needs to have drunken wedding guests too early in the proceedings. Canapés help keep your guests from peaking too early, and ensures they will be partying into the night.

4) Canapés provide a talking point

Most weddings involve groups of people who don’t necessarily know each other very well, if at all. Having your catering staff bring around some delicious nibbles makes the atmosphere more hospitable, and helps to break the ice and get people talking. You can create a real wow with your canapé choices and get your wedding party started with a bang!



5) Add to your theming

If you’re having a theme for your wedding- a country garden theme, or perhaps a Bridgerton influence- you can tie the canapés in with your theme in a way that is much easier than theming your main menu. Plus, because canapés are not the main meal you can be more adventurous with what you choose- it doesn’t matter if a guest doesn’t like beetroot if it’s only in one tiny tartlet!

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