When it comes to your wedding day, you want to be sure you’ve booked a team who have the experience and know-how to get it absolutely right. Our seasoned and imaginative Wedding Planners use an analytical approach for each area of your day, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Everything from booking the entertainment and making sure the invitations are sent out on time, to organising the marquee can be completely taken care of. Even on the day, your planner will be in the background, making sure that everything works seamlessly without the need for you to give it a second thought.

Becoming a Dine client gives you complete peace of mind that you are going to be looked after and your Dine Event Manager is going to take responsibility for ensuring the whole day comes together perfectly.

“You must be bored of it by now but I am STILL hearing how brilliant you and your team were on Saturday. Either Dine are really extraordinary or ours was the most dull wedding on record and the poor guests are just desperate for something to say.”

We love weddings and yours won't be the exception, it will be exceptional. To talk about any aspect of your wedding, such as planning, venues or catering, give us a call our fill out our enquiry form.

We try and help out wherever we can, which is why we have plenty of informative articles in our advice centre, packed with expert tips and support on everything from the wedding morning to photography! Have a read and gather invaluable information from leading industry professionals!

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